Products from daily fashion can become a smart function

A special designed women jeans coat with the heating textiles inside. With an innovative approach, products for daily fashion can get a smart function, like a heating is.

An use case where Titera managed to bring together the Design (Sanja Velickovic) and smart technologies (Kufner, Applycon) in a customized and functional product.


TITERA as the bridge between the Science and Technology

Titera is bridging the gap between Science & Industry. We can support you in the validation of your project/product idea and with the step by step approach we can bring you to a sustainable business model.

One of the benefits of our customer is to stay connected with a professional societies, like Smarttex Netzwerk and Cost Action CONTEXT are.


Titera as a provider of knowledge about materials and smart functionalities (sensors, LED, heating, sensing, ..)

A daily fashion product designed by Elisabeth de Senneville and made from a neoprene textile material is waiting for the integration of sensoric elements.

The benefit for our customer is to be faster in innovating and prototyping; being at the right time and place, with the right business partners.